Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Deli Mag - The art of remixing

The Deli has us featured on their main site today:
Streetlab played at our CMJ party at Hiro with Chairlift in between bands. This is an electronic-rock music duo from NYC formed in late 2001 by Coz Lamorg and Ryan Leary. Taking the role as in-studio producers and songwriters, the two began by remixing classic rock songs with the dance-floor in mind. Being raised on the music scenes of the early 90's, the two attempt to erase boundaries, making music that appeals to both rockers and dancers. Their 1st EP dropped on Oct 7th w/ the single 'NYSound". Recent Remixes include Heartsrevolution,Hot Chip, Thieves Like Us, Crystal Castles, Nine Inch Nails, The Rolling Stones..."
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