Friday, November 21, 2008

Amie Street - Interview: Streetlab

New interview up on the Amie Street blog today:
We had a few questions for the guys, and they spared no detail in their answers!

Tell me a little bit about yourselves: who's who, who does what, how'd you find each other?

Coz: I'm the shorter one. We don't have too many strict rules about who does what in the studio. The process is always changing. I do most of the final mixing and polishing - but other than that it's usually all open to attack any instrument or device in the room. In the studio we have every device and station synced to our master computer - so you can essentially walk up to anything and start playing with it. We record everything too so be careful if you're ever over touching things....

Ryan: I would be the tall ginger although right now I am a blondie. Coz and I first met in 6th grade after he moved to the area. We actaully started off brawling like many kids do in sixth grade. It was a crazy year but after it was said and done we were hanging out quite a bit. Musically we started together around late high school/early college. My first memory is sampling washing machines and random stuff around his house...

Read the rest at Amie Street.

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