Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Streetlab Album - Auto Spkr 2.0 - OUT NOW

[--- Auto Spkr 2.0 ---]

The follow-up to their debut...
Containing remixes of songs off the 1st album.

Remixes by Brooklyn's Power Surgeons & Mr. Vega, NYC's Subguys & CHARLIE!, Toronto's TEEN, and London's Session Leopard.

 Rat Racer (Power Surgeons Remix)
 Rat Racer (TEEN Remix)
 Lights Go Down (Mr. Vega Remix)
 Rat Racer (CHARLIE! Remix)
 It Sure Ain't Me (Session Leopard Remix)
 NYSound (Subguys Remix)

w w w . s t r e e t l a b . n e t / a u t o s p k r 2


~ 3.0 coming soon ~

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